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 ...for intense body contact!  Bed...
...for intense body contact!
Bed sheets are made of diverse fibres. Best you chose products with a very high amount of cotton, because these are very pleasant to the skin. But even there is a difference in quality. Bed-sheets made of untreated, naturally cotton are in mot cases the bette choice. You can chose between terry cloth, jersey, satin, chiffon or flanel.
The applied amount of material is determining the durability of these bed sheets. Heavy and strong products are nearly always dimensionally stable and more durable.
You must consider, that you spend about eight hours a day on a bedsheet.
Bed-sheets made of cotton jersey with an amount of Elasthan guarantee the necessary flexibility.
We have Bed-sheets for single- and double-beds in many colours and sizes in superb austrian and german qualities on stock.
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