mattress toppers

... accomplish the comfort of relaxing sleep

Sadly, the importance of underblankets is often underestimated. Thereby, they immediately fulfill some functions for the ideal sleep comfort. They warm, care for best sleep hygiene and for a very soft lying surface, without imparing the sustaining force of your matress. Underblankets act heat-insulating and wick away moisture of the body very fast. Duringwintertime, no heat is lost, in summer, they prevent heat- and moistureaccumulation. In contrast, a matress alone can hardly absorb moisture and can not protect of unpleasant cool draught. Since underblankets are extremely carefree, they achieve a important contribution to the sleep hygiene.
They can be aired or washed easily and save especially the matress. With their functional features, they complementthe suitable blankets and pillows perfectly.
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